B.PAC Mission: Rescue and Revitalize Bangalore

B.PAC Mission: Rescue and Revitalize Bangalore

Introduction The past decade has seen Bangalore morph from an economic and climatic paradise into a living hell for its denizens. For a city that contributes over 60 percent of Karnataka’s GDP and contributes 66 percent of its tax revenues, rampant unplanned and mismanaged growth has resulted in crumbling infrastructure, poor public transport, power and water shortage, [...]

New Government Must Strengthen Urban Politics

We are happy to see a clear mandate in favor of Congress, which will enable B.PAC to catalyze a positive change in the political system. Five B.PAC-endorsed candidates have won in their constituencies, we congratulate them and look forward to working with them to ensure they deliver on the B.PAC agenda for Bangalore. This is a clear [...]

Its Bengaluru’s Turn!

So the date for elections to Karnataka’s Legislative Assembly has been announced. It’s 05 May. As we know, more people than ever before went out and voted at the rest of Karnataka’s urban local body elections – and they sent out a strong message: incompetent, inadequate and corrupt political management will not be tolerated. Now it’s Bangalore’s [...]