“Patients from every part of the world need access to affordable medicines.”

Globally, there has been heightened focus on health disparities and increased prioritization of health equity. In this podcast, Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw talks about how Biocon has deliberately steered clear of the inherent inequities of business models followed in wealthy Western countries wherein a new drug is initially accessible only to a small affluent section of the population. 

She talks about Biocon’s driving philosophy that the pharmaceutical industry has a humanitarian responsibility to provide affordable access to essential drugs for patients who are in need. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw talks about how as an entrepreneur her commitment has been to build a differentiated humanitarian business that is using its science, manufacturing and commercialization capabilities to challenge the Western pharmaceutical model of creating monopolistic markets that deliver high margins at low volumes. .

In addition to her unwavering focus on affordable medicines, Ms Mazumdar-Shaw passionately delves into the transformative potential of technology in eliminating the disparities is the quality of healthcare delivery in urban and rural in India. She envisions harnessing cutting-edge digital technologies, exemplified by the National Digital Health Mission, to democratize healthcare access and deliver equitable medical services to all corners of the nation. Drawing on her own entrepreneurial journey, Ms Mazumdar-Shaw she shares her invaluable insights on why entrepreneurship is a transformative odyssey that demands unwavering conviction and resilience, ultimately culminating in a triumphant realization of goals.

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