So the date for elections to Karnataka’s Legislative Assembly has been announced. It’s 05 May.

As we know, more people than ever before went out and voted at the rest of Karnataka’s urban local body elections – and they sent out a strong message: incompetent, inadequate and corrupt political management will not be tolerated.

Now it’s Bangalore’s turn to raise it’s voice similarly. And once again, B.PAC is reminding you: please prepare to go out and vote.


As mentioned before, B.PAC has no vested interest – we are working for the cause of ALL Bangalore citizens’ best interests.

B.PAC is NOT a political party. It is a civil movement to get Bangalore the fair deal it deserves. (See “B.PAC: Why, What, Who”, attached.) And the starting point is to get as many people, specially the Urban Educated, into the voters’ booths.

We are now actually 40% of the electorate! That’s a giant share, a tidal wave waiting to happen. Our vote can make a fundamental change in who represents us in the various governmental bodies . . . for the good of ALL Bangaloreans. That 40% is a fact. Figures don’t lie.

Are you already on the Voters’ List? Please make certain you are   . . . make sure you haven’t been bumped off it without you even knowing it. It’s happened to many more than you think. You can check by going to

When you get there please select “Bangalore” and your assembly constituency and then follow the instructions. It will take you less than a minute If you find you are not on the list, you must start the process of getting on the Voters’ List . . . now!

You can do it online, in four quick steps:

  1. Go to the website of one of B.PAC’s friends: Smartvote. The website
  1. On the toolbar, point your cursor to “Voters Area” and on the dropdown menu click on “Register Online”. It will take you to the Chief Electoral Officer’s website.
  1. Register yourself first. Then follow the instructions.

It’s as easy as that. It may close down on you and ask you to start again, which happened twice to me before the third time finally went all the way through, but it does get done finally.

  1. Once you’re registered, you will receive six pages to print out, fill up, attach supporting documents to – and deliver to the Election Officer at the BBMP address provided.

If you don’t want to go the online route, there is the regular way: Go to the BBMP office nearest you and take it from there.

Over the last few weeks, B.PAC and several of its friends have been working hard to help people get on the voters’ list.

We have held registration camps at the campuses of several corporates and residential complexes, including Infosys, HP, Surabhi Apartments, Ranka colony, Vijaya Bank Colony.

Camps are in progress at JNC, MCC, Surana College, Al-ameen College, Christ University, Oxford, Cisco, Alcatel Lucent, LSI, Wipro, Mistral.

And camps have been planed to happen shortly at HCL, Aricent, Accenture, Accenture, Citrix, Vmware, Mindtree, Satyam, Broadcom.

Until today, almost 250,000 new voters have been registered.

If your company, residential complex, educational institution, residential locality would like us to hold campuses for you, please reply to this message urgently and let us know.

B.PAC’s next objective is to identify candidates in this election who are committed to Bangalore’s best interests, and to honest, transparent governance, regardless of which party they belong to. We will identify them in the next few weeks and convey their names and constituencies as we do so, and support them in as many ways as we can. Watch this space for that!

But for now, please do make the effort to get yourself on the Voters’ List. Please let’s take this first step. Our collective future may well depend on it.

Link to ‘B.PAC: Why, What, Who’:

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