• What can be the ways through which corporates can encourage women participation in strategic decisions?


  • Do you observe any great change as far as gender equality in India is concerned?


My own views on this matter are as follows:


I have seen a positive shift in gender equality in Corporate India.  I do believe that women are being provided greater opportunities to participate in strategic areas of management.  The main concerns that continue to plague women mangers is mobility and transferability.  Women are forced to give up senior management responsibilities if their spouses are transferred or if marriage influences this.  Women are also less willing to undertake extensive business related travel and both these put them at a disadvantage.  As a woman employer, I have lost many a senior woman manager to either marriage or to a spouse being transferred either overseas or to another location in the country.  One can argue by saying that men can also leave organizations if they opt for jobs elsewhere but the point I am trying to make is that the reasons for female attrition are not necessarily job related whereas attrition among men is job related which can be addressed by HR.  I hope this helps. Maternity leave is something I think all corporates can deal with but very often women opt to take a few years off which again impacts companies.

– Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

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